Kid's Bible Club 2019

Posted on Sun, Jul 7, 2019:

This will be great - Make sure you attend !!


We invite you to attend KIDS BIBLE CLUB 2019 !!

Be sure to keep your evenings free from Monday July 15th to Friday July 19th.

It will be from 7pm to 8pm

Our friend Kenneth Thompson will be presenting the great news of God's salvation - freely available to all ! There will be singing and Bible stories and stuff for you to take home! cheeky

It's all happening at the Rexdale Gospel Hall.



Of course, Moms and Dads are invited to attend as well.

Also - be sure to attend the Bar-B-Que in the Rexdale Gospel Hall parking area on Saturday July 13th - 2pm to 4pm !!

It's all free - We look forward to seeing you there !!

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